Here is a listed of helpful links and tools if you are looking to learn more about web development and marketing! – Check if your name, business or otherwise, is available on social media platforms, as a domain name, and as a USPTO trademark – The Official Home of WordPress – Want to use icons on your WordPress website? – Video tutorials for the highest rated SEO plugin for WordPress – Most websites will benefit from this plugin; it may conflict with parts of your website or or not be ideal depending on how your website and hosting are setup – Getting started with the Divi theme and the Divi builder for any theme – A good preventive step toward preventing hacking on your site. They can also help fix your site if it gets hacked. – A fantastic resource to learn more about WordPress Security, including content for beginners – Check out your website speed – Another great tool to check out your website speed and other metrics – Is your website slow or is it just your current internet connection speed? Check your internet connection speed. – Check out your website traffic and gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. – Do you create social media? Create better content easily with this online software. – Free images and videos you can use anywhere, be sure to read the FAQs and what you shouldn’t do. – Another fantastic resource for free images. Again, consider these precautions before using on your website. – IntoDNS checks the health and configuration and provides DNS report and mail servers report. – Great resource for free video clips.